Optimal Work Style Predictor for Employees

6 questions in under 5 minutes

The workplace plays a meaningful role in building culture and connecting employees.  It is the foundation of our work experience. But it is a foundation that is supplemented and made more complete by offering choice, flexibility, and autonomy to our teams.

As you plan for your employees’ return to the office, it is critical to understand the work style where each individual performs at their highest level so you can match that with the needs of the role and team.

This tool can be provided to employees as a conversation starter to help determine their optimal work style: resident, hybrid or remote.


Work Style:


A focused and consistent worker who reports to an individual owned work location on a regular basis.

  • Assigned Primary Work Location
  • Owned Neighborhood Access
  • Limited Use of Free Address Locations
  • Limited Use of Remote Work
Return to Office Consultation

Our workplace consulting team utilizes the design thinking process to reshape space.  Your return to the office is an opportunity to re-invent what it means to work and to work better than we ever have before

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Work Style:


A team member who works from home and rarely accesses an office location.

  • No Primary Work Location
  • Occasional Neighborhood Access
  • Occasional Use of Free Address Locations
Work Style:


A flexible and adaptable worker who shares access to a team neighborhood and makes use of a variety of work locations.

  • No Primary Work Location
  • Shared Neighborhood Access
  • Heavy Use of Free Address Locations